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Aldakheel Oud

the confidence of our valued customers, the aldakheel Oud company and Perfumes Able to emerge as one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the oud and perfumes.

The company has been could to occupies a prominent place in this field over the past years, making them among the largest companies in this field, including experience from more than 25 years.

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Trust, quality and safety

Take care our customer

Mixtures Distinctive

الدخيل للعود اسم تثق به

High Quality

مع مرور الزمن اكتسبنا الخبرة التي تمكننا من جلب أفضل الخامات في العالم وأكثرها جاذبية لعملائنا من النكهات الطبيعية والزيوت العطرية لإنتاج عطور ذات جاذبية ساحرة ولمسة مبتكرة. إن تفهم خبرائنا لحاجات العملاء المتجددة تساعد على تلبية كافة الأذواق.

Our branches in the Kingdom

We are keen to provide our customers with various points of sales in the Kingdom today there are more than 25 branches all over regions of the Kingdom is available where the oud, oud oils , oriental perfumes and there are dedicated branches for crystal and gifts.

Our products are innovative

Aldakheel Oud Co. products express absolute genuineness because we carefully select them from their original sources in order to win customer confidence. They combine both diversity to satisfy all tastes, and modern smell which adds beauty, attractiveness and luxurious touches.

Social Responsibility

Being aware of the concept of social responsibility, Aldakheel Oud Co. has given importance to sponsor numerous social programs for the purpose of communicating with all social groups of different social strata, by contributing to enriching the social culture in all fields.